Afghan Hound Club of Scotland 28th August 2016
Bitch Critique

Thank you for the invitation to judge this very well run show, and the superb hospitality that was shown to me.  My thanks to my steward Susan, for ensuring that the ring ran so smoothly.  It was an honour to be presented with the wonderful exhibits, and have the pleasure of going over your afghan hounds.  Decisions were hard to make in some of the classes, and these awards could change positions on different days.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and thank you again for making it such a pleasant day.

V B. 4(2)
1.  Metcalfe’s  CH Cubanba Northern Star JW.  8-year-old feminine brindle of quality.   Loved her head and dark eye, long neck flowed into excellent shoulders and corresponding return of upper arm, level topline on the stand and on the move, short well-muscled loin, correct tail carriage.  In excellent condition. Moved purposefully around the ring. BVIS.
2.  Coombe's Gilari Devil Woman.  7-year-old gold lady of nice type.  Good head and eye, and true eastern expression.  Long neck into well placed shoulders.  Good quarters which she used well on the move, but I preferred the movement and length of loin on the winner.

MPB. 0

PB. 3
1.  James' Gilari Vermillion Venus. Shaded masked gold baby, who I liked a lot.  Loved her head and eye and that wonderful puppy mischievous look, but with a total eastern expression.  Always looking to try and outwit her handler. Long neck into an excellent front assembly.  Well ribbed, and strength in her level topline.  Good fallaway and ring carriage.  Nice to see the saddle.  Moved with strength and purpose, excellent reach and drive.  BPIS
2.  Collett's Laavas Opportunity Network.  Gold shaded masked baby.  Good quarters which she used steadily on the move.  Beautiful saddle. Preferred the length of loin on the winner
3. Raper’s Thendara Love It Like This At Amariz

JB 5
1.  Newton's Shimalma Midnight Liason.  Adored this young ladies’ exquisite head, true eastern expression and the darkest of eyes.  Long neck into well placed shoulders and good return of upper arm.  Strong back to good fallaway and balanced rear quarters. Moved out well to beat her sisters in this class.
2.  Lancashire and O’Donnell’s Shimalma Mango Sunrise over Drishaun, s/m litter sister to the winner of this class, has all the same qualities and moved out well, just preferred the shorter length of back of her sister.
3.  Sutton's Shimalma CalisayaAu Tour Trancas

YB 6
1.  Bastow's Cloudside Flashlight at Karandikar JW. Feminine black brindle of correct size.  Exudes quality, grabbed my attention as soon as she entered the ring.  Beautiful head, with desired chiselling, excellent dark eye, of correct shape.  Has a long neck flowing into well placed shoulder and excellent return of upper arm, strong level topline and strong loin.  Excellent rear quarters, correct fallaway, and ring tail.  Took off on the move, goose bump time! - her handler brought out the best in her, long easy flowing strides around the ring.  I could not deny her The CC; I was totally captivated with her.  Pleased to see her perform as well for BIS, where my co-judge agreed to give her BIS.
2.  Reid and McMaster's Zilbec Zelessia Avec Seaponds. Top quality feminine pale brindle, everything to like about this sassy young lady.  Excellent head and eye. Excellent shoulder and rear quarters, totally balanced.  Unsettled on the move at times, but thoroughly enjoying her day.  I hope to meet this lady again.  Brought her back to challenge for the RCC.  Loved her.
3.  Shimalma Mango Sunrise Over Drishaun

NB. 2(1)
1.  Shimalma Midnight Liason

1.  Shimalma Mango Sunrise Over Drishaun
2.  Howard and Lee's DzumBlackbetty Possum With Asianskies (IMP AUS). Feminine black brindle in excellent coat and condition. Good head and eye.  Balanced fore and aft, and moved well.  Just preferred the shoulder assembly of the winner

GB   4(1)
1.  Beck's Zilbec Zilanthe. Self-masked cream, who I liked very much. Good head and dark eye and good pigment.  Long neck into good front assembly, strong topline, which she held on the move and standing.  Balanced rear quarters, moved easily and well around the ring, plenty of reach and drive.
2.  Shimalma Mango Sunrise Over Drishaun
3.  Harris' Devanmarn Majic Touch at Portiana

PGB. 6
1.  MacMillan's Andizhan Czarina.  A lot to like about this shaded black-masked cream. Lovely head and eye, good length of neck into good shoulders.  Balanced fore and aft and moved out well. Sound coming and going.  In good condition.
2.  Gleed and McPherson's Tamariki Fire In The Sky. S/m Balanced gold lady.  She has good quarters fore and aft.Lost out to the winner on movement, didn't give it her all.
3.  Humphrey's Ayoubkhan Blue Rose

MLB. 5
1.  Andrew and Lawson-Ball's Andizhan Charisma with Zarcar JW.  Black masked brindle who I like very much.  Did not disappoint on going over her. Good head and eye, low set ears.  Strong neck into good quarters, strong topline, excellent rear quarters.   Moved freely and correctly around the ring.  I considered her for top honours.
2.  O'Donnell, Macrae, and O'Donnell's Khamis Passion For Stripes At Javidan. Red brindle of lovely type.  Beautiful head, dark correctly shaped eyes, giving that true expression. She has good quarters fore and aft. In excellent condition, moved out well around the ring.  Close decision between these two.
3.  Gosling's Ayoubkhan Silver Cloud JW

LB. 5
1.  Dare's Sitana Nishana At Lakarndream JW. B/m gold who I like very much.  Has strength all through, but remains feminine.  Excellent balanced quarters fore and aft, natural saddle. Everything flowed going over this lovely lady of quality. Moved out well to win this class. Considered for top honours.
2.  Lancashire's Drishaun It Ain't Over.  Loved this typey lady of quality.  Everything to like, good head and eye. Good quarters fore and aft, in excellent condition, in excellent coat. Unfortunate to meet winner today.
3.  Moyes and Hunter's Cloudside Raindance Over Bryelis JW ShCM

OB. 10(4)
1.  Hall's CH Garamond Juniperberry Saxonmill JW.  Most beautiful black and cream, whom I have admired ringside.  Excels in conformation, balanced all the way through, a joy to get my hands on her.  Totally feminine with strength and power.  Moved out with style, covering a lot of ground, adored her. So close between her and my CC winner. Pleased to award her RCC. Pleased to watch her go RBIS on referee's decision.
2.  Adams' Zandahar Just Tiger Lily.   A quality brindle who I like so very much.  Has all the desired breed points.   Preferred the shoulder of the winner, who out-moved her on the day.
3.  Fogarty IR CH Drishaun Ain't Life Grand

David L. Evans

Afghan Hound Club of Scotland 28th August 2016
Dog Critique

Moving house and losing my notes (put in a safe place, now found) I would like to apologise most profusely for my late critique. Thank you to the Committee for their kind hospitality and gift, the Exhibitors for allowing me to go over their lovely Afghan dogs and Cath O Donnell for her excellent stewarding and helping it make a memorable day.

Veteran 3 (1abs)
1.McCormack's CH Sitana Jaranwala at Tulak JW.A worthy champion.Nine year old cream boy in beautiful condition. Long time favourite of mine and a real pleasure to give me the opportunity to go over him and was not disappointed. Handsome head, lovely dark eye, overall lovely outline, excellent example of the breed. Delighted to award him the RCC.

2.  O'Neil & Thompson's CH Saxonmill Midnight Mayhem of Terstine. Solid black boy of seven years of age. Nice head, good length of neck, well angulation front and rear. Good outline standing. Moved well with his handler.

Puppy 2. 1.
1. Langer's Khamis Huckleberry. S/M Cream baby with a lot to like. Liked his head with nice dark eyes, good length of neck excellent angles and finished with lovely ring tail. When settled covered the ground well.

2. Cullen's Khamis Aequitas. Litter brother to 1 similar in build but with profuse coat and monkey whiskers which had a life of their own. Wasn't sure of the surface.

Junior 3 ( 1abs) 
1. Newton's Shimalma Rum Runner. Compact brindle youngster with good head and eye, excellent all over shape. Excellent reach and drive. One to watch. Moved well.

2. Wilkinson's Way Up Scaramanga at Hindlefold (Imp ITA.)  B/S boy with gorgeous head, good length of neck and angles, lovely ring tail.

Yearling 2
1. Johnston's Cloudside Flash Strike JW B/C boy with nice head shape, slightly on the fine side. overall nice outline, good body and moved with reach and drive. Lovely ring tail.

2. Ferguson's & Mosienko's Affyneeta Hero. B/M gold with nice head, well built boy who enjoyed his day.

Novice 4 (1abs)
1.Newton's Shimalma Rum Runner 1st in Junior.

2. Ferguson'& Mosienko's Arushkhan Zahir. Attractive B/M cream boy Liked his head and overall appearance. Well presented but lost out on movement to 1.

3.Cullen's Khamis Aequitas.

Undergraduate 2 ( 1abs) 
1. Ferguson & Mosienko's Arushkhan Zahir 2nd in novice

Graduate 6  1.
1.  Mathers & Semple's Gorgeous S/M cream boy with a lot to like. Super head and eye, good body with excellent front and rear angulation. Coat in lovely condition. Moved beautifully with his handler.

2. French's Palameedes Taboo at Zalmeera. Compact B/M gold boy with the most attractive head, lovely beard, good depth of chest, good angulation, unfortunately a bit erratic on movement.

3. Blane's Chinzaes Judge N Jury at Zanjadan.

Post Grad.9 ( 2abs) 
1. Dowd & Malia's Thendara Fait Accompli Gorgeous solid black boy. Loved his head and overall appearance, level top line,  good angulation and body, lovely ring tail. Won this class on movement but unfortunately  gave up in the challenge.

2. Leiper's Joneca Suede S/M cream boy with good head and  eye, level top line,  good depth of chest, pleasing overall shape.Moved well with his handler.

3.Elkington's Khamis Pyjamadrama at Sutina.

Mid Limit 5 (1abs)
1. Cullen's Syrdarya Toffypop at Eweyisska Compact brindle boy with handsome head, good eye, pleasing overall outline, ring tail, moved with reach and drive.

2. Metcalfe's Calamus Orient Express. B/S handsome boy, liked his head, nice beard, good length of neck into nice shoulder placement, good body and rear angulation.  Moved well. Close decision.

3. French's Sitana Jalmahal at Zalmeerah

Limit 6
Excellent class of quality hounds.
1. Moore's Cloudside Music Master. Compact brindle boy with a lot to like. Very appealing head, again lovely beard. He gave the impression I was not there. Typical Afghan .Excellent angulation and body, pleasing outline. Excellent presentation finished with lovely ring tail.Moved really well.

2. Broadhead's Tulak The Sentinel at Tariff JW Sh CM. Another super hound. Sh/M G boy good head and eye with excellent overall outline, groomed to perfection. Moved well with his handler.

3. Leiper & Leitch's Polo's Seistan at Khamis.

Open 5 (2abs)
1. Nisbet & Forrester's CH Kharabou Scott Wizardly Ways .  A worthy champion B/S with profuse coat. Handsome boy with good length of neck, leading to excellent shoulders, good depth of chest, superb angulation which showed when he powered round the ring with his handler. Delighted to award him the CC.

2. James's CH Shimalma Mercurial Magic. Another worthy champion. Sh/M Red Superb head again with lovely beard. Good neck, excellent shoulder placement, good depth of chest and body, very pleasing overall outline. Moved well with his handler.

3. CH Syrdarya Hazelnut Hob.

Judge Alex Hunter