Afghan Hound Club of Scotland
Open Show - 7 June 2014

May I take the opportunity to thank all the Officers and Committee for a wonderful day, the weather was fine and the atmosphere welcoming. This plus beautiful hounds what more could you wish for?!

Puppy Dog  2 Entries (1 Abs)

1  Langer's ‘Khamis Pacific Tiger'
Masculine brindle boy, lovely eye shape. A little short in neck, but good shoulder and super deep chest. Strong compact loin, nice length from stifle to hock, a little short in fallaway, but lovely ring tail and super to see large feet.

Junior Dog 0 Entries

Yearling Dog 0 Entries

Post Graduate Dog 2 Entries (1 Abs)

1. Leiper & Leitch's ‘Polo's Siestan at Khamis’
Big, strong, self masked cream boy, balanced head, very good mouth and nice dark eye. Excellent shoulder, deep chest and spring of rib. Short fallaway, stifle joint placed higher, giving great length to the point of hock, but giving the impression when viewed from the side that it is straight, which it is not. Hocks well let down, moved straight with springy gait.

Limit Dog 2 Entries

1. Nisbett & Forrester's ‘Kharabou Scot Wizardly Ways’
Beautiful black and silver, masculine but elegant balanced head, super eye shape and expression. Good length of neck flowing into well laid back shoulder, elbows nicely underneath the body. Good deep chest and spring of rib, strong loin nice length to fallaway giving good tail set, super ringed tail.
Moved with tremendous drive and elevation, in first class condition, presented impeccably, a credit to his owner. Pleased to award him Best Dog and B.I.S

2. McPhillips' ‘Tulak the Navigator at Dargai’
Lovely shaded masked gold lad, balanced head, dark eye, super beard. Nice length to neck placed on an excellent shoulder. Good depth to chest, level topline, good length to fallaway giving correct tail placement, balanced hindquarters. Did not move with quite the same verve as 1 but it was a hot day!

Open Dog 3 Entries (1 abs)

1. Anderson & Elliott's ‘Finix Veldricken' ShCM
A beautiful boy I have always loved. Well balanced throughout. Elegant head, with super expression from lovely dark eyes. Good length of neck,
good shoulder, ribcage and plenty of lung room. Correct length to fallaway giving correct tail carriage when moving. Lovely balance and angulation from hip to stifle to low set hocks. Moved steadily and true with longer stride and a little more elevation than 2. Well presented, and delighted to award him Reserve Best Dog

2. Forrester's ‘Finix Sunart’
Another beautiful boy, litter brother to 1.Well balanced head, a little stronger than 1, with good dark eye. Lovely length of neck, leading into very good shoulder, good depth to chest, and spring of rib. Strong loin, correct slope to fallaway, well balanced hindquarters, low set hocks. Moved steady and true, nicely presented.

Veteran (Dog or Bitch) 2 Entries (1 Abs)

1. C,  L & C O’Donnell's ‘Javidan Dirty Little Secret ShCM'
Lovely head with good shaped dark eyes. Good shoulder, deep chest, strong compact loin. Good fallaway leading into ringed tail. Excellent hind angulation which came into its own as he moved round the ring with such exuberance, giving super drive and spring. What a showman for his age,
really enjoying himself. It was truly lovely to see, a credit to his owners.
Best Veteran in Show.

Puppy Bitch 5 Entries (0 Abs)

1. Gilchrist & MacLennan's ‘Sumakhandi into the Light at Khawari’
Beautiful dark masked gold baby with the darkest of eyes. Well balanced head, arched neck leading into a very good shoulder. Level topline, fair depth to chest, compact strong loin, correct slope to fallaway. Good length from stifle to low set hocks. Moved steadily for one so young, showing great drive and strength, totally in control of herself. Best Puppy in Show.

2. Leiper's ‘Khamis Playing with Fire at Joneca’
Very close decision between this girl and 1. Houndy gold baby, slightly
slightly finer in head, but still well balanced with a nicely shaped dark eye. Very good shoulder, fair depth to chest, good spring of rib, balanced hindquarters, with lovely length from stifle to hock. Did not move today with as much drive as 1, but it was a hot day. Well presented.

3. Leitch's ‘ Khamis Priority One’

Junior Bitch 2 Entries

1. L & C O’Donnell & S Macrae's ‘ Khamis Passion for Stripes at Javidan’
Beautiful type, with lovely Afghan expression. Well balanced overall, good shoulder, deep chest and fair spring to rib. Nicely angulated hindquarters, low set hocks and feet firmly on the floor. A little apprehensive on the move, but sometimes showed very good length to stride. Needs to relax more to show her true gait and power.

2. Howie & Black's ‘ Khamis Prada at Chinzaes’
Lovely cream lady, well balanced head and good eye shape. Good shoulder, deep chest and good ribcage. Slightly longer in the loin than 1, nice to see a correct ringed tail. Movement was a little erratic today, needs to mature to gain control of  herself consistently, however she did at times show a very good length of stride with spring when viewed from the side.

Yearling Bitch 0 Entries

Post Graduate Bitch 3 Entries

1. C,  L & C O’Donnell's ‘Javidan Hell on High Heels’
Beautiful brindle girl, lovely head with very good eye shape. Low set ears, arched neck flowing into very good shoulder placement, excellent depth to chest and spring of rib, giving plenty of heart and lung room. Good length of bone from stifle to hock. Won on her wonderful spring and length of stride when moving. Very well presented and in lovely condition. A girl to be proud of.

2. Forrester & Forrester's ‘ Kharabou Scot to be Magic’
Gorgeous b/s feminine girl. Beautiful head and expression, correctly placed neck onto well placed shoulders. Good deep chest, lovely spring of rib and compact strong loin. Nicely angulated behind, and although not too happy in the ring, she still showed excellent length of stride and power on the move. Sympathetically handled, and hope her confidence will grow so she can show us what she can really do.

3. Hunter's ‘Cloudside Dark Empress at Sulahmara’

Limit Bitch 1 Entry

1. Forrester's ‘Hubblebub Morrigan by Punkley’
Super Black and tan lady of quality, in excellent condition. Lovely shaped head with well-defined chiselling, correctly constructed neck leading into very good shoulder with elbows well under body. Plenty of heart and lung room, provided by good depth to chest and well-shaped ribcage. Corrrect fallaway and tail set, super hind angulation which enabled her to move with great power and energy, covering the ground effortlessly. Beautifully presented, and pleased to award her Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show.

Open Bitch 3 Entries

1. C,  L & C O’Donnell's 'Ch Javidan Keep the Faith ShCM'
Gorgeous,  quality brindle lady with the most wonderful head and expression. Strong arched neck, excellent shoulder, very good depth of chest and spring of rib. Level topline, good length of bone from stifle to low set hocks. Although she has a wealth of coat it did not stop her from showing her true Afghan gait - long easy strides eating up the ground effortlessly. First class presentation. Very, very close decision for Best Bitch but once again the hot day played its part and her rival just pipped her by having a touch more energy in the challenge. Nevertheless, a worthy Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Anderson & Elliot's ‘Hubblebub Beira at Finix ShCM’
Elegant black and silver girl, lovely head with very good eye shape. Good shoulder placement and excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Level topline,correct slope to fallaway, correct tail set with super ringl. Very good hind angulation but unfortunately she was just a little reluctant on the move today. Probably due to the heat which ‘blacks’ can suffer from. Presentation was excellent.

3. Howie's ‘ Chinzaes Shake that Shimmi’

Jean Hurl, Judge